Marybeth Paul

Marybeth Paul _ Full Demo Reel 2019
Marybeth Paul _ Commercial Reel 2019
Marybeth Paul _ Comedy Reel 2019
Marybeth Paul _ Drama Reel 2019
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Marybeth is passionate about her craft and always open to new roles and challenges. In addition to film and television, she does industrials, commercials, and lifestyle modeling. She is a mother of 3 and works as a personal trainer when not acting.

She started modeling at 10. She was always an avid athlete and went to college to study biology and psychology on a scholarship for track and field. She continues modeling part-time after college and went on to work for a non-profit healthcare company.

She has 3 children, a rescue lab, a rescue cast, and a Siamese cat. She is an actress and lifestyle model; however, she still maintains her certified personal trainer and group exercise certifications. She was a successful figure and bikini competitor, placing first in several international events, earning her pro car in both categories.

She doesn’t compete anymore but applies that same direction and determination to acting and modeling and she absolutely love it! It is not the easiest path to take, but it is the one for her. She conducts herself with professionalism at all times, loves to collaborate on projects, and is easy to be around on set! She hopes to work with you soon! 


5' 6"
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