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Bobby Trickett is a Boston, MA native who has a deep interest in entrepreneurship. Post college he was involved in a successful clothing brand startup. After that experience, he successfully launched a public speaking career as well as mentoring program for high school and college students. In his spare time he had been taking classes and participating in extra work. After two successful years he decided he would take his speaking skills and business savvy on set. He has received his training from all the major casting directors in the Boston area and continues to do so. He is been on multiple large budget sets as a production assistant as well as background. He has been participating in student films as well as independent films.

Formally a college athlete, he is very experienced and disciplined in his physical and mental training. He has a strong athletic background involved in mixed martial arts and karate from a young age. He is looking forward to taking the skill set he has developed over years to bigger opportunities.


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