Jackson Nicoll on Mix 104.1 “The Karson & Kennedy Show”

If you have checked out our Facebook or Twitter page you will see that Model Club’s Jackson Nicoll is on fire.  He is in the new Russell Brand movie “Arthur” coming out next month, the new Anna Faris movie “What’s Your Number” coming out later this Spring, and plays Oscar winner Christian Bale’s son in “The Fighter”.  He refers to Christian as one of his best friends and even received an invite to The Oscars!

We were all excited when Mix 104.1’s “The Karson & Kennedy Show” invited Jackson and I into the studio to talk about his experiences.  Karson loved Jackson even telling him that he hopes his young son ends up being as cute as him when he grows up.  It’s not surprising that Jackson has reached such success, at only seven years old he is as cool and confident as an adult actor. With the giant radio microphone in front of him, he cracked jokes with the co-hosts, telling them all about his friends Russell Brand, Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Anna Faris, and Shaq.  He explained that he just got back from shooting a national Ford commercial with Derek Jeter, but assured the Mix listeners that he is 100% a Red Sox fan.   To see some video clips of the interview click on the link to our YouTube page (http://www.youtube.com/modelclubinc)


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