Boston Fashion Week

While Boston Fashion Week may still be 5 months away, we’re extremely excited to see that a buzz is already forming for this fall.  Andrew and I were lucky enough to sit down last week with Fashion Week planners Jay Calderin and Lisa Baker for a sneak peek of what Boston is in store for this fall, and they’ve planned a great week.  The most exciting announcement is a centralized location for the first time ever, located in a large tent behind the Mandarin hotel, and accomodating 250 spectators for each show.  For more info, check out the great, front page article from this Saturday’s Globe.

While Boston’s fashion week may never match that of New York, this is a huge step in that direction, with a central location for the main shows allowing people to easily determine which designers they want to see and where they need to go.  The main problem may be not enough tickets for the tent!  We look forward to more info and a release of the designers who are participating over the next few months, and we’ll keep you posted.

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